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Madleine Couture made a hit in Monte Carlo!

10846480_722570937872540_6220829139978764930_nWe were excited, prepared, designed and organized…and finally brought down the house!! As we reported it earlier, Francesco Mittrano, – the president of Monte Carlo Polo Cup – chose Madleine Couture to present a fashion show for Princess Charlene’s Water Safety Foundation, during the Closing Gala Evening. The Monte Carlo Polo Cup 2015 took 4 unique days between 2nd and 5th of July with sporting competitions, which mixed luxury and elegance. The Closing Gala Evening held in the Lagoon of Monte Carlo Bay Hotel. This hotel is famous for its unique luxury, so we couldn’t dream about more perfect place to present our special models. Magdolna (Madleine) Ruzsa made a brand-new Capsule Collection for this special occasion, which present summery dresses, colorful and ethereal, bringing the atmosphere of the legendary seaside romance of the Riviera, with passionate moments and hot atmosphere… 11750738_722575011205466_8398968254322125350_nThe colors of nature are represented by the different fabrics and materials used: the blue of the sky and the sea, the grey of stones and a green palette referring to Monaco’s lush countryside, whereas its elegance and the hot sun led to the creation of pink and golden dresses. Some pieces are strictly linked to Princess Charlene and her relationship with water. Made aware of the activities of the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation, Madleine donated some iconic pieces for the auction, organized during the Gala Evening on the 5th of July.